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                El lubricants add special anti-wear agent, make the body surface adsorption of oil film thickness is more than the ordinary oil layer 3, and can keep for a long time, in order to prevent the engine under high temperature, high speed and heavy load conditions and starts to wear parts, prolong the service life of the engine, fine, smooth lubrication is more powerful, test and energy saving about 5.8%.


                1. Good anti-wear performance, effectively protect the engine, extend engine life, reduce maintenance cost;


                2. Improve fuel rate, reduce fuel consumption, save fuel;


                3. Good high temperature oxidation resistance and the ability to prevent thermal cracking, restrain the high temperature oil metamorphism and dilution, guarantee the stability of oil viscosity, for engine provides the energetic power;


                4. A low evaporation loss and prevent thermal cracking performance ability, inhibit the high temperature oil metamorphism and diluted, guarantee the stability of oil viscosity, for engine provides the energetic power;


                5. Good intelligent softening, breaking down carbon deposits function, effective cleaning and protecting the engine clean;


                6. Good acid neutralization, prevent engine parts rust and corrosion wear;


                7. Has automatic intelligent repair protection ability, effectively repair the engine surface pitting, quickly reduce noise, inhibit oil heating;


                8. Effective protection of the environment pollution, reduce exhaust emissions.