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                产 品 理 念 Product ideas


                Biological nanometer technology matures, condensed the German he oil (international) group co., LTD., laboratory the efforts of generations, finally conquered in 2001 "lubricating oil only pay attention to lubrication protection, and not pay attention to the comprehensive effect" of the difficulties, to develop a new generation of high-tech products -- -- -- -- -- -- -- biological nano energy saving lubricating oil. Biological energy saving lubricating oil combines traditional materials, nano materials and excellent characteristics of ceramic materials, both solved the shortcomings of the conventional lubricating oil is given priority to with metal additive protection, and solved the problem of carrier intelligent balance intelligent absorption, repair repair, impedance reduction mill, heat dissipation descaling, seal leakage prevention, buffer shock absorption and pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, no carbon deposit, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent protection for a long time.